A Case for Art’s Sake: The Value of Hanging Art in Any Space

Art Interior

For those who are tasked with decorating a home or office, especially for those who have dipped but a toe into the art market, the prospect of starting an art collection can be quite daunting. Furthermore, the time and cost of an investment in artwork may have one questioning the ultimate value of incorporating art into these spaces. Hanging art in the home or workplace, however, does so much more than meets the eye. Here are the four reasons why you should think, and think carefully, about prioritising artwork in any interior design project:

1. Your artwork can define you as much as it defines your space

Art is a powerful tool in establishing the mood and purpose of a room. The colours, lines, textures, and even the size of a piece of art guide the subconscious mental-emotional responses that occur when employees or household members are in its presence. Professionals treat the selection process like a fine art itself, as art is often the definitive voice of a room and as such should be considered with each and every subtlety in mind. 

Especially in the household, artwork has a lot to say not only about the room but also the person who inhabits it. The art you choose to showcase is an immediate display of your personal style and taste. Using art to make a statement about what you find interesting and beautiful is a surefire conversation starter for guests as well as a great way to surround yourself with pieces that visually and intellectually satisfy you.

2. Art is a sentimental vessel

“What art offers is space - a certain breathing room for the spirit” (John Updike). 

Artwork becomes its own space in which you can create and hold memories. Perhaps you purchase a piece to commemorate a special occasion or a special person; whatever it may be, artwork can store that memory visually. Likewise, as time goes on and more memories are made in the residence of that artwork, it becomes a staple piece that gains as much sentimental as monetary value within your home, as well as the home of those it is passed down to.

3. Artwork can be the central point of inspiration for interior design

Designing or redesigning a space is complicated, requiring the coordination of every overlapping element – from space layout and dimensions to furniture and colour palette. Selecting art at the very beginning of an interior design project can effectively streamline this process. A piece can be a starting point in selecting the items and details for your space, and can also simplify the search for the right shades of paint. More importantly, starting with artwork ensures that you are purchasing the art because you truly enjoy it – not merely because it seems to fit in with its surroundings.

4. Purchasing art supports artists and the art community

Consider an investment in art more than an investment in your family, your company, and the market itself. Buying artwork is an excellent way to support the artist’s career and by extension creativity in society at large.

Artwork in the home or workplace communicates specific character, performs a sentimental function, and significantly improves the process of interior designing with the help of arts professionals. The decision to start collecting can and should function beyond a decorative afterthought, because the right artwork will indeed transform a space into a work of art in its own right. 

Words by Michelle Costanza.